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We’ll design your very own personal wedding website dedicated to your love story and wedding in Palawan or the Philippines.

In 2019 a custom wedding website is an absolutely brilliant way for couples to tell their story and engage with wedding guests. Having a wedding website can showcase your chosen venue, collect RSVP’s and organize guests details in a totally streamlined way, inform guests of how they can arrange their travel itinerary in relation to your destination wedding, and ultimately put it all in one place that is accessible to all 24/7. No postage, no expensive stationery. Wedding invitations for the 21st century.

Your own wedding website can provide immense value:

  • Tell your unique love story in a visually stunning way with full width background images and text

  • Custom contact forms to organize RSVP’s easily or hire us to look after it for you

  • Inform guests about the logistics of attending your wedding, from transportation and accommodation to dress code, menu options, and more!

  • All wedding websites we design are easy to navigate and work correctly on ALL mobile devices, tablets and laptops

  • Get your own personal URL attached to our website

  • Have the option to keep your page private with password-protection

(example wedding website below)


K + L

Our Wedding in Sabang, Palawan



Sabang, Palawan

Jan 3, 2020

Sabang Beach6.jpg


Sabang, Palawan, Philippines



January 3rd, 2020

Wedding resort costs/night?

Superior (2-4) = 165 USD/night

Deluxe (2-5) = 205 USD/night

2-Bedroom (4-8) = 320 USD/night


If you’d like to know more about other local alternative accommodation options, simply click the green button below.


Please let us know by October 2019 if you can come.


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